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The Repeat...

Written on 8/31/2010

"Being students of History, each one of you should understand a basic fact. History is created every second. And by studying it, you are getting the power to predict the future. Students, believe me, History repeats...Only in a different form, at a different place......."
Professor Thomas nedungottoor finished his lecture.
Soosy was offering prayer as he entered the house. He removed his shoes and went to bedroom. After a quick shower, he came down for the dinner. Agleya is still in her room, probably chatting with some friends.
"Please call her too..This is the only time when I can speak something to her and I don't want to miss that." Soosy called Agleya loudly. "One minute.." the reply came. "We can start of. She'll join". "No lets ahve it together..."
After few minutes Agleya came down. "What were you doing till now Dear??". "Sorry dad,I was talking to some friends..." Soosy felt uneasiness. But Thomas smiled at her and said "But don't be too late.."
Thomas waited till Soosy and Agleya said their prayers and they staeted the food. Thomas has never said prayers after his school time. He became an athiest from his childhood itself. The orthodox family tried to bring him to their path through many ways, but all went in vain.
He was so adamant to overcome all those pressures. He would go along with his mother to the church and stand outside till she finishes her prayers. He would ask to his mother playfully "So Jesus has agreed to make me pass this exam right... Now I need not study... Right??"
His mother would not answer such questions. Later he understood that she felt pain when he tells such things and stopped it. But Thomas never went to Church, not even for his marriage. When ever his mother complained, he consoled her
"Mother, As you believe in Jesus as God,I believe in science. As your faith gives you strength to face anything, so do my. Why to forcefully change it??" But she never seemed to understand..
"Did Pratyush call today" He asked before getting up. "Hmmmmm....."Soosy nodded. "He had some indigestion last week. Now he's fine. Was saying that he may get his scholarship extended for an year more". "Hmmmmm.... I think he can come back here. We have lot of retirements next year.
He can very well get into the Physics department.He has MS from a reputed foreign university. And if he has talent, can even be the principal before retirement. You convey this to him when he calls again." Thomas told soosy.
"What about me?? What is your plan for me??" Agleya asked with a naughty smile. "Ohh... for you.... To find out some fat,black,bald,ugly guy to get you married...." Thomas smiled...
"Ohhhh....You are too late dad...He's already married to my mom....He He........" Agleya cracked laughter in the faces of everyone. The home was filled in warmth of joy...
"Its ubsurd Pratyush...." Thomas said in a painful voice. "How can you be like this."
"Dad. I understand How it feels for you. But I thought atleast you would understand. The world is moving towards newer trends and I am really sad that my dad, an old comrade is still in his prejudices. It's you who taught us to stand straight for what we think is right.."
"Come on!! don't say foolishness. You are not in normal minds....That's why all these seems true and real for you..It in no ways is acceptable. Who made you to think in this fashion. Shame on you. Please!! Think of your mother..and sister... Please don't spoil their faith along with your life." His eyes were red and burning...
"Dad! cool!!! It's my life and I'm sure of what I'm doing... Your way of life has been the key for your mental peace, and so is mine. Why to force fit one into other??"
"Please son!! Please come back...It'll be alright if you decide to come back..." He pleaded..But to no listener on the other end.
"What happened?? Why are you so upset?? What did he tell" Soosy asked as soon as Thomas kept the phone. "Nothing...Bring some water for me.." He asked. Soosy quickly got a jug of water and glass. Thomas took the Jug and finished it off in one gulp.
"Atleast now you tell me...Is everything fine. Why did you quarrell with him??"
Thomas didn't know what to tell her. He was searching for a presentable way to put it. The face of her reminded him of his mother's face. It was like this whenever somebody complained about his atheist thoughts...
"Ohhhh!!! MY GOD!!!" Professor broke down into tears. Soosy stood astonished hearing the word from her husband's mouth. She understood that something was terribly wrong.
"Come on...........Please tell me what it is.... I also have right to know what is happening with my son.....Please...." Soosy fell on the Lap of Thomas...
"O.k. O.k. Don't cry....Nothing serious.....Nothing...Ok... You wipe your tears....Lets go to the garden..I'll tell you..come on...get up..."
"History repeats...Only in a different form, at a different place......." The lines were repeating in his mind as he walked into the garden. They struck him stronger and stronger....
But more than that, he was worried on how to explain soosy on the growing numbers and acceptance in the west for "Gays"

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