Saturday, February 2, 2013

And he died once...

ഇന്‍ഫി ബ്ലോഗില്‍ 10/13/2010 നു എഴുതിയ കഥയാണിത്. ഇത് വായിച്ച ചില സുഹൃത്തുക്കള്‍ വി ഫോര്‍ വെണ്ടെറ്റ എന്ന സിനിമയെ ഓര്‍ത്തു എന്ന് സൂചിപ്പിച്ചു. അന്ന് മുതല്‍ മനസ്സില്‍ കൊണ്ട് നടക്കുന്ന ആ നല്ല സിനിമ ഇന്ന് കണ്ടതിന്റെ ഓര്‍മ്മക്ക്....
(This was a story written in Infyblogs on 10/13/10. Some friends remembered the Movie V for Vendetta when they read this. Today when I saw that amazing movie, I am posting this in my External Blog.......)

"I command in the name of Goddess vizzila, Stop your nonsense or flee the country!!!" The Young Man stood there smiling. Minister was furiously walking here and there.
"He has never spoken a word from the beginning." someone said from the crowd.The whole country had gathered below mount Edibitsu to see the proceedings. The crowd was calm.They never spoke too loudly. It was prohibitted in and arounf the temple of Goddess Vizzilla. She loved Peace and calmness. This was the only temple in the entire country where there was no Animal or Human sacrifices. Minister and priest held some srious discussion on top of the Hill.
"And my dear people, we have this man who has made serious offence against the country and the Gods who protect all of us."Minister said on top of his voice from the stage on top of the hill. Only those who stand on that stage are allowed to speak loud. They represent Goddess herself. "We gave him an opportunity. But he rejected it. In the name of Goddess Vezzilla, we declare his execution tomorrow afternoon at the Suzuva mountain."
"Poor guy. He could have confessed and avoided this fate" People were telling on their way back.
"And today,
Today my love,
is our first night.
We drink the sweetest wine
from the bottles
which are held deep
inside our hearts.
We walk hand in hand
in the night when
clouds impatiently
kiss the lips of
naked moon.
We dance in the
turbulant music
of drums with
Our chests rubbing against
one another and our legs
would move like
the serpents,
our dress gets wet
by the sweat.
And, then my sweetheart
I will take you in my arm
and take you to my small hut.
There in the moonlit room
We'll identify each other
as Man and Woman.
Then, Oh!! my love!!
Then, Gods will be jealous
on these mortals...."
Minister Read this loud in the court. The whole court was silent. King's face turned darker. "He has made us all shameful. And why the hell did we miss all these till this point?" Asked the kinng furiously.
"Your Majesty!! Those who knew these never reported to us and our spies also, enjoyed this, I think privately. I admit a mistake from my end." Minister admitted with humble voice.
"Now that never ends the problem. People have started loving him and what he writes, though they know it is against the custom and law of our country to discuss matters of love and gods in public." He paused for a moment and then continued "You need to handle it with care"
"sure sir!! We will get him as soon as possible and would have a trial to take people into confidence." Minister suggested.
"Do not delay...."
Rombidano was 15 when his father died in war with the neighbouring country. On that night, he went to the temple of Goddess vizzila in mount Edibitsu. It was dark all around. He stood in front of the Idol of Goddess and closed his eyes. A thousand pictures went through his mind. He took a piece of soft red rock and on the walls of the Temple he wrote:
"When blood shed on streets
rise to reach your shrine
on top of mount Edibitsu,
Where would you excape to Vizzilla?
When the noises of the
widows and kids of those
who died in the war
disturb your sleeps
Where would you find
silence Vizzilla?
When My father's
one sperm still live
as me, How could you
kill him Vizzilla?
When this king die
out of the raging
fury of people
for feedom and peace,
who will feed you Vizzilla..."
The next day morning, Priest saw these lines.....It was a discussion in the country. None knew, who wrote these. In a few days people started seeing many such poems on the walls of the country. And finally he was caught.
"Rombidano, My son, you still can escape this torture. Please stop this...." An old man in the prison told empathetically.
"And I shall be free,
with a thousand more bonds,
set by the king.
I shall speak of
the broken leg
of my dear lamb,
not of those who did that.
I can eat the food served,
but can't take my tounge out
and lick my fingers.
I can occupy the last
seats in the gallery
for the annual games
but can't whistle
or cheer the sportsmen.
I shall be free
Only to remain in
a larger prison
in which you all are
the prisoners......."
The old man wiped tears off his eyes. He felt proud to be there on that day. He slowly walked to Rombidano and hugged him. The young man hugged him tight and whispered "I shall never die......."


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