Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How we Met

I was searching amongst the dump of old books, to find out something unique and intersting. It was a hot summer day and my face was red. Sweat covered my face, but I searched for more. I had already picked one or two and was trying to find out more.

Then suddenly, My eyes could catch a glimpse of a name starting P.
After reaching home, I had no intension to read the newly bought old book, "Nithyakanyakaye thedi" of P. Kunhiraman Nair. I had heard of him somewhere and this prompted me to buy the book. I knew that he was a poet and nothing more. None of his poems, did I hear.

Later after a few weeks, I took the book in hand. It was really diificult to complete the first chapter. Short lines, full of images, of nature, of self etc. And i was unable to cope with this style of writing. It had no flow, always changing from one frame to another drastically and dramatically. It took almost two weeks for me to complete that short book, which had hardly 120 pages.( and the saddest thing is that, i lost this book. One of my friends took it and didn't return.He said " I will give you anything but not this book":)

But after it was finished, I had an urge to read more of him. I started my search again....... At last I found a collection of few of his poems. I started reading them one by one. The first poem I read was "kaliyachan" -which is considered to be his Masterpiece. A story of a Kathakali Artist, who wanted to play major roles and fighted with the master. He lost all his further chances and finnaly, he gets an insight to fall on the feet of his Guru and ask for pardon.

Through this story, poet depicts the life itself. He says:
" Brahma swaroopan Guru kaninjeedukil Brahmaandamokkeyum Nin kalippanthal than" - If the Guru wishes the whole world is your stage.

Every human being has a Duality in him. One brighter side, which he aspires, and a darker side, into which he falls quite often. A struggle always happens within them.
Kunhiraman nair represented this ever-going struggle in his poems and that is why he is still admired.

After this, I was completely addicted to his style, which continues even now.
I found his another autobiography "kaviyude Kalaadukal"-Footprints of a poet, a 300 paged book, and it took just a night for me to complete the same.
That wanderer,that lover of ever-virgin poetry is still remaining as a wonder for me.
"Neeyinna megharoopante gothrathil baakiyayavan]
Etho valakilukkam kettalayum Bhrashta Kaamukan" -
"You are the lone successor in the family of that cloud(Remember Meghadoota),
You are the lost lover wandering behind some bangle voice"(from Aattoor Ravi Varma's "Megharoopan" - A dedication made to P. On his 60th birthday)