Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to the Paradise

Immediately after returning from the office he switched on the TV. Later in the night, when he thought of the reason, he generalized it " When the mind is upset or tensed, it would tend to get involved in something else. It is similar to smoking or drinking.But it hardly helps."

After a long association with the industry also, he was not completely a typical techie. "A typical techie..." he would tell his friends, " Is one who has completely void from heart. Has Human form, but has nothing to do with Humanity. Would not smile at a kid, would not walk barefoot, would not talk to the flowers in the garden, would not get wet in rain, would not eat with hand, and would not laugh or cry................"

And his friends knew, he was not like that. He was always the first one to come up with some innovative ideas within the friends circle.

He was not successful like many of his colleagues, had lots of tension at work, much work pressure than others and lesser appreciation.

His managers would tell him in every appraisal, "You have to beat your own drums. Highlight the slightest achievement and take credit of it......."

He would think, "And this cheapness - You call it Professionalism"

As he woke up on the saturday morning, he saw the TV still working.

"Do you think, you are in the right place??" - The anchor of the reality show was asking one of the competitors interrupted by beep sounds.

As he walked into the manager's cubicle, he could see lot of eyes creeping around him. "Why a long leave? I saw the reason, but is that really required? As a hobby, you can pursue it even being in the company, right?"

"No sir, I have joined there for the six months course on Indian classical drawing. I think that's the right place for me to be. If everything goes well,I would come back in 6 months to hand over my resignation letter.........."

The butterfly that entered the cubicle seeing the color of the plastic flowers, started to fly back to nature.........

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