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Written On 10/8/10
And there, on that green land, he set his foot firmly.The wind blew gently. "Malayamarutham" Raj remembered the name of the Raag related to mountain wind. "Very few have visited this place, for all of them I only have led the way." The local village guide said.
Raj took 100 Rs from his pocket and gave it to the guide. While he was returning, Raj clapped. The Guide turned back.  Raj gave a saluting smile to him. He nodded and with a smile returned back.
He has seen only few persons asking for this place which is on the left wing of Kodajaadri. People just know about Sarvajna peethom and chitramoola. But not many knows and never has it been recorded about this cave, on the sides of the hill. It was known to a few and the path to still fewer. And Nagalingappa was one amongst them.
"Son! Come near to me...."Old man called him. His face was red. The outskirts of Mangalore was sleeping in that odd hour of night. But the teacher and disciple remained awake. "I have given you what I have learned from my teachers."Said the Guru. "It never was an easy task. Now I should tell you something that I never have told you. When we had been to kodajaadri, once you found me missing for two days. Do you remember? And I had told that I had gone back to Mookambika searching for you. But that was not the case."
Now the face of the Old teacher glowed. The sound which never shook in over thousand stages, was bit shaky now. His eyes rooted firmly on disciple's.  "I had gone to the Viraja caves on the other side of the Hill to contemplate." Disciple loooked with amusement. Teacher coughed twice and in a lower tone, he started again.."Yes. This place is known only to a few and we traditionally are one amongst them. Now you may be wondering on why should we contemplate in caves? What is it to do with our work. Even I had this question. You go and realize it."
On returning, Nagalingappa was smiling inside. "The path still remains open", he thought, "And there are people who follow that too." He had seen Three generations of them coming here. At first it was Sri.Vishnu Damodar, a great scholar.He was in the courts of Mysore Wodeyars. Following his footsteps came, Sri.Srinivas Pai, another gem, and world renowned personality. He was so humble and gentle that Nagalingappa himself felt strange regarding that. And Now, a young guy, who introduced himself as Rajesh Dorai. Nagalingappa never knew what they did inside the cave. he just guided the newer ones till the point and would come back.Many a times, during subsequent visits, they would make it a point to see him and offer something.
One thing was sure, there was some power which they gained from inside. None knew what it was. But the two from previous generations were trend setters and shining stars in their times and he was sure to hear the name of a new star 'Rajesh Dorai' in near future.
Raj stood there in front of the Viraja Caves. It was dark inside. The strong smell of bats was present all around. He switched his torch on and slowly walked in. There were creapers on the walls of the cave and many creatures inhibited there. He walked further in, scared. The long straight path led him to the center of the caves. Raj carefully observed. It looked like a small hall. A little pond at the center and on its sides, there were small plants bearing some fruits. Raj knew they were edible. On one side there was a seat made on granite. There was a dear skin on top of it. Raj took the fresh water from the pond and washed his face. He changed the clothes. He was not sure what to do. The Guru hadn't told him what to do. He decided to sit there on the seat and try to see why he was sent there. As he sat on the dear skin, he could feel the gentle breeze. He closed his eyes. The breeze was cool and was coming from the eastern part. It had a soothing scent.
Raj opened his eyes with amusement. Was that for real? Did he really hear that. There was no instrument nearby. But he heard that clearly. He again concentrated. Yes, in the breeze, he could hear the sound of the Shruti. The notes "Sa Pa Sa" all unified together to give a gentle uniform shruthi........Now he came to know, where from his Guru was able to keep the notes so sharp and intact with the harmony of the song. The sound of the shruthi, was filling in his mind. Now he understood why he was asked to come here. Now he was sure why his Guru was able to compose somany tunes and why he used to tell that whole world is nothing but a symphony.........
Raj felt completely lost in that sound. He sat there without a movement. The Malaya breeze came into the Viraja caves to treat its new guest..........

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