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New Dimension

Written on 10/26/10 as part of a sci-fi story competition
New Dimension
"So Students, strings are the possible smallest element we could think of as of today and it is the key to the Universal theory that Physics has been searching for years, the Theory of Everything. A theory that can re-concile the General relativity and Quantum Mechanics. I sincerely wish that as studnets of Particle physics, you read the developements carefully and try to derive at solutions Yourself."
"But Sir, String theory demands multi-dimensional landscape. How can there be anything like that ever, other than the four known dimension" It was Anand Teja who asked the question.
"Explore yourself!!! Before few centuries, only 3 dimensions were approved. A dimension which you see might have various hidden dimensions. For eg. Look at that electric line in the compound. From here, it is a single Dimension, just a line. But think of an ant moving on that electric line, for it, that is a three dimensional structure........." Professor stopped.
"Doctor, You are going to go into something like Alice's wonderland. Never be afraid. Once these chips are activated, you would not see the same world again. You will instead see new dimensions of this world. It would have many unseen experiences. You are going to be the first in the world to experience this" Dr.Anand Teja held the hands of Dr.Fritsovsky and told.
"Your Brain would be mapped carefully for the next 3 Days after which the chip would be deactivated so that you can return to Normal 3D world." Dr. Anand laughed and Continued.
It was a desirous project of Dr.Anand Teja to discover the unknown Dimensions of the world. He took it as a passion from the time of his studies in IISC bangalore. Later he Joines Califormia University and worked in particle and fundamental physics. After his last journey to India, he changed his route and started working with Dr.Fritsovsky, a famous psychologist from Harward University to explore the unexplored facets of Human Life. Every one termed it as blunder to take help of a psychologist to derive at physical conclusions.
But he was determined.
"The Mind has seven stages  or layers and each represent a dimension. In a 3 Dimensional world, normal people make use of 3 stages of it while the yogis Takes mind through all seven stages to finally attain the Stage where mind becomes still and they, attain the Bliss" Narayana Teja Shaastrigal chanted a sloka from Thuriyopanishad and explained the meaning to his son Anand. His face was glowing.
"Will this be of some use to you??" Asked the father.
"Ofcourse father! Today I have found out my path. Till now, I was trying to create the new dimensions merely through physical apparatus. But I forgot about the most important apparatus which gives us the feeling of the world. The Mind. From now on, I'll try to work with some psychologists to bring forth the meaning of these lines. Thank you Father!! Thank you very much"
"Shivah Shaktyaa yukto........" Narayana Shaastrigal chanted the Soundarya lahari and Walked away.
Anand noted the meaning of those lines. Yes, its a blessing, when the material knowledge is united with the self knowledge, it can create wonders. When Siva is united with Shakthi". That was his last vist to India.
"Can somebody take care of him. I'm trying to switch that off." Dr.Fritsovsky was walking inside the laboratory without any control. He lost all the outer world connections. His eyes remained open. He sometimes laughed and sometimes cried. Sometimes, he ran through the laboratory like a mad man and whatever came his way, he broke them into pieces.
The brain mapping showed that he was experiencing many colours, smells, sounds,emotions and many other areas, they could not decode. Only Dr.Fritsovsky could tell them what really was happening.When he saw all these Dr.Anand remembered the words of his father.Anand had approached him to get some information on Thuriyopanishad, an ancient text whcih had some information on unexplored dimensions. Narayana shaastrigal happily explaine dhim the entire concept.
And at the end, he added "Common man cannot afford all these, as his senses have limitation. For Eg. A common man has never heard sound more than his allowed limit. But in this stage, he could hear them and you never know, how will he react to such a new thing. He will see new colors and new dimensions. You never know how will his mind react to such newer experiences."
Somebody had firmly held Dr.Fritsovsky and Dr.Anand was trying to remove the chip. But everytime, he tried to touch that part, were chip is implanted, Dr.Fritsovsky would throw them away in a single push and run.All felt that he got some supernatural powers. None dared to stop him.
"We need to crack the software remotely. now that is the only way." said Dr. Anand and walked to the Computer. "But then.............." he stopped for a moment. Then with his hand he wiped his tears off and said "Sorry Doctor. I have no other way. Please forgive me............."
"Doctor, See who has come here to see you. Do you recognize him.........? No? He is your old colleague, Dr.Anand. See he has braught flowers for you" The patient showed no response.
"I'm sorry doctor, we are sad that he doesn't even recognize you. For the past one year this is the condition." The doctor of the Mental Assylum told him.
Dr.Anand Teja slowly walked near to the patient. He gave the flowers in his hand. The patient looked up with empty eyes. He took a ribbon from his pocket and wore it around the neck of the patient.
The patient looked with balnk eyes into the gold medal hanging at the end of the ribbon which had the Image of Alfred Nobel.

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